Strategy always comes first. But once the strategy is set, you need the right tools to make things happen efficiently. We utilize many of the industry’s most powerful tools to help meet our clients objectives.

Here are just a few paid subscription services we incorporate into our client’s strategic PR and content marketing campaigns:

Cision is the industry’s more powerful media database. Our subscription to Cision means we have quick access to thousands of journalists nationally and internationally. In PR, timeliness is critical to getting coverage, and Cision helps ensure that we can get to the write influencers quickly.



Bloggers and non-traditional media influencers are not often easy to reach because they’re off the radar of most media contact services. InkyBee helps ensure that we can get to the most influential bloggers with a story idea or review opportunity. The result is increased coverage for your product or brand, and a media asset that can be re-published on a blog or social media.


Strategic public relations requires that you not only know where your brand or product is getting mentioned or talked about, but also where your competitors are getting coverage. CustomScoop helps us keep a comprehensive record of media mentions, from traditional outlets and print to blogs. We take this marketing intelligence and apply it to our strategic thinking, so that campaigns are addressing real-world marketing challenges.

GoogleAnalytics logo
We use Google Analytics to track and monitor the impact PR and content marketing is having on your web traffic. Marketing is all about results, and Google Analytics helps us keep tabs on how our integrated PR and marketing efforts are supporting web traffic and sales goals.



Moz helps us monitor incoming web traffic and links for a deep look at how to best optimize content for results. With this information, we can help you identify the areas where you need to optimize or increase backlinks to your site for better SEO and overall results.

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