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The Content Distribution Ecosystem (CDE) is a unique way to maximize the impact of public relations efforts. The CDE amplifies the third-party coverage value of traditional PR, such as a brand or product mention in a trade outlet, by leveraging the power of the brand-as-a-publisher concept. We do this by creating and publishing content “cluster” campaigns based on a PR mention or customer story.

Threlkeld Communications - Content Distribution Ecosystem
Content Distribution Ecosystem

For example, in preparation of a Content Distribution Ecosystem campaign, we would interview one of your customer advocates for a brand podcast. Quotes from the podcast would be extracted to be used in a press release that is developed to promote the product or service (creating greater credibility because of the third-party endorsement).

We pitch the press release via email on a one-to-one basis to targeted journalists and/or bloggers, including a link to the posted podcast (which could be hosted on your website, iTunes, Sticher, Libsyn or another hosting service).

Additional PR materials would be created from this customer interview, including a blog post, infographic, promo video, etc.

Considering that all components have a consistent message because they come from a single customer interview, the content cluster creates an “Ecosystem” of connected content that gets published together, including posts on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

All materials (press release, podcast, blog post, infographic, Q&A, video, etc) are produced together in-house, creating cost-efficiencies while shortening the time-to-public release of the content clusters.

For more information on how the Content Distribution Ecosystem, see the short video below or email Bill Threlkeld or get my “10 Steps to a Successful Content Distribution Ecosystem” here.