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Why Google is Applying BERT to Search

Google has updated with the BERT machine language algorithm. What does this update mean for your SEO rankings?

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Why SEO is Important

This blog post explores the merits and misperceptions of SEO and why SEO is important in a marketing and PR program.

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Digital PR and The Content Distribution Ecosystem

What is the Content Distribution Ecosystem and how does it work with a Digital PR program? This blog post goes into detail.

Five Key Metrics to Track When Measuring Digital PR

Summary: How to measure Digital PR is a common question. Rightfully so! Traditionally, PR results have been difficult to measure and track. The emerging field of Digital PR is changing that. This blog post covers five metrics you can (and should) measure in a Digital PR program. What is the Difference in Digital PR Versus […]

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SEO and Digital PR Strategy — Perfect Partners

SEO is not just for keywords. It can also be used to help define a relevant digital PR strategy. Read more in this blog post.

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Digital PR and the Velocity Effect

Is speed the ultimate tool when it comes to success in digital PR? Maybe not. This post explores this question in more detail.

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Are SEO Specialists Replacing PR Specialists?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become an essential part of the Digital PR world. But does this mean SEO specialists will replace PR specialists? Not so fast!

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What is Digital PR?

What is Digital PR? This blog post talks about the differences in Traditional and Digital PR and some of the measurable benefits Digital PR offers beyond the “old shool” method of counting clips.

Public Relations and Content Marketing Funnel

Public Relations and the Content Marketing Funnel

What is the Content Marketing Funnel and how does Public Relations fit into the process of creating awareness and turning that awareness in to sales?

Threlkeld Communications Blog What is a Positioning Release

What is a Positioning Release?

Most of us are familiar with the new product press release. Not nearly as many are familiar with the positioning release, which will be the focus of this blog post. Historically, the press release has been used by companies to introduce new products and services to the media. In the recent past, this generally meant […]