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Seven Steps to SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of an effective web strategy, and an even more important part of a Content Distribution Ecosystem approach to integrated content marketing. This post looks at seven simple SEO steps you can take to make sure your website is performing.

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Digital Public Relations: What It Is, and Isn’t

An overview of what the practice of Digital Public Relations is, and isn’t, in the context of traditional public relations.

Studio Profile: Alex Moore of Lunchroom Studios

We recently had the chance to sit down with Austin, Texas-based studio owner Alex Moore. Alex owns and manages Lunchroom Studios, a facility that records a wide gamut of music styles and projects, from rock to country, from voiceovers to commercials. Alex recently purchased Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation headphones for use in various projects. […]

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Exploring the Targeting Benefits of the Facebook Pixel and Standard/Custom Events

Many companies use Facebook to market and promote products and services, but very few even scratch the surface in terms of taking advantage of Facebook’s marketing tools and resources, and so they get little value or results from their efforts. For this reason, many marketers think of Facebook as a sort of necessary evil for […]

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Blogs, The Keyword Planner and Keyword Relevance

When writing content for the web, and I’ll specifically focus on blog content in this post, there are two basic principles to keep in mind when planning and writing posts to help ensure your content gets seen. Spoiler alert: Google’s Keyword Planner plays a big role in this process, and the best news is that […]

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To Get Your Brand In Shape, Focus on Your Core (Value Proposition)

A term often heard in marketing circles is “Core Value Proposition.” It’s not a very intuitive phrase, and its meaning and importance often get lost in its academic label. Let’s break it down and explore how and why a Core Value Proposition is something you must keep in focus. An effective Core Value Proposition addresses […]

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The King is Dead! Long Live Content Marketing!

For many years, conventional wisdom, and the mainstream media has told us that “Content is King.” In other word, producing great content is what a strong brand should do. But so what? That seems obvious, right? Doesn’t it make sense that good information, presented in a compelling way is going to help build a brand […]

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Is Your Marketing Creating Sales for Your Competitors?

In a perfect world, awareness marketing drives customers to take a desired action. This action could be a top of the sales funnel activity, such as clicking on a link to learn more. Or, a deeper sales funnel action such as clicking on a link to buy from your email newsletter. But, as we know, […]

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Content Marketing in the Age of the Disloyal Customer

It’s no surprise that many traditional marketing efforts don’t work today. But what is surprising is how small the gap has become between what can be considered “traditional” versus “progressive” with regards to marketing efforts. In other words, at the pace of digital business today, traditional doesn’t refer to what we as marketers did five or 10 years ago. […]

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To Set Your Heading, Get Your Position

Marketers talk a lot about positioning. Usually, these conversations focus on positioning as an action or activity – something you do a product. Such as, “Let’s position our new X-7 Gamechanger as the best widget on the market.” The problem with this line of thinking is that it’s based on a misperception that positioning is […]